Reconstruction, daily reassembling….. What to save?  What to discard?

                                            Mixed-Media, Acrylic on panel, 36″ x 36″ x 2.75″

This image,”Eye of the Meadow” is part of a series called “Reconstruction”. This series of Mixed-Media panels were shown in Vernon at Gallery Vertigo as part of a group show curated by Judith Jurica. These works explore in a visual form, the realisation of all of my internal cultural influences and hybridity. And, by extension, “Reconstruction” explores the hybridity of  British Columbia and Canada’s multicultural fabric.

I am also  introducing an icon, the  Alpine Daisy, to represent  all that is indigenous as, an integral and constant presence. In “Eye  of the Meadow” I use the Daisy as a lens through which we can observe our part of the world.

Through the Daisy’s lens we can see a wave constructed from the hand of the Green Tara.( This is a recurring icon in my work ) It represents the presence of Asian cultures, Buddhism, the Feminine as well as a gentle, strong, protective force over a landscape reminiscent of the southern Gulf Islands.

An other icon part of this image is the Acanthus leaf. You can see it as a repeat pattern around  the Goddess’s graceful and gentle hand. The Acanthus leaf represents European cultures.

I think of two dimensional work as the live playing field  of aesthetics. Live because the interaction with the viewer is always active.

In this case my presentation with this blog makes it now INTERACTIVE .

So, please feel inspired to leave your thoughts.

This is the series: “Reconstruction”.

“Eye of the Meadow”, ” Skeena”, “Swift Crossing”, “Turtle Island Flora”.

This series is a group of works that are part of a larger series called :

“Hybrid Self, Indigenous Heart”.
This larger body of work also includes another series of pieces called:

“Integral Vision”.

“Hybrid Self, Indigenous Heart” is  a project in the making.

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